Dancing to some dynamic music is always a wonderful thing for almost every people around us. While hearing a charming song, people would like to sing by themselves, which comes out the same with dancing. Usually, people who likes singing can sing to silent in KTV or karaoke. However, this will be difficult for those dancing lovers because dancing is more difficult than singing. In this way, you may find more singers around you while fewer dancers. Though many people are really interested in dancing, they usually fail to master those required skills for giving an elegant dancing. The music and dance game machine that can be seen most in those amusement park will be a perfect choice for those singers, especially for those fake dancers. Our pump it up prime2 2018 LX dance video arcade game machine is a new kind of music and dance game machine that can give you a more immersive experience than ordinary ones.

About the pump it up prime2 2018 LX dance video arcade game machine

People get super excited to play dance video arcade game with our music and dance machine. The Pump it Up Prime2 has a new design of PIU Prime 2 LX cabinet that makes itself more attractive. Now, it has an added modern white metal exterior that makes it a stronger music and dance machine than ordinary ones. Also, there is a bunch of LED lights surrounding the cabinet and the speakers. When you are dancing on the front platform, those lights will keep on shinning to give out a more intoxicated ambiance. In the center of cabinet, there is a huge high-definition LED screen that can vividly show you the video so that you won’t miss out any dancing pace.

About its features

  • High-powered sound system: We have used the latest technology in building our sound system. So, it can give out high-quality sound while playing music. You can hear it clearly and smoothly while you are dancing to the playing music.
  • High-field speakers: The high-field speakers will also help guarantee a smooth and clear sound while playing music.
  • Massive subwoofers: The attached massive subwoofers will make the music more dynamic so that this machine will give you a stronger feeling while you are dancing to your favorite songs.
  • A large selection of songs: The Pump it Up Prime2 has more than 300 popular songs available. You can hear many songs in different style like hip hop, techno, dubstep, drumN’ bass, pop, K-pop, and so on. In this way, our dancing machine will always be able to satisfy those players’ needs with our plentiful songs.
  • AM.PASS Player Card Login System: For this brand new version, we have employed the AM.PASS Player Card Login System, which can timely and vividly present players their rankings and rivals.

With our powerful pump it up prime2 2018 LX dance video arcade game machine, people can release their talent by dancing to those dynamic music.