The Hamster is a very hot game in those amusement arcades, which is extremely popular among those players. This kind of game is so simple that players just need to use the hammer to give a punching on the springing-out mouse at the right time. Usually, if you want to get higher score, you will need to catch as many springing-out mouse within limited time. The Citrus Crusher is just like the hamster that run with the same model. The mouse working in hamster is changed into citrus in the citrus crusher game. At the current time, you can easily find such kind of game machine in the shopping mall or amusement center. There are usually a group of children encircling these arcade game machines to watch other’s game skill or wait for their turn.

The Citrus Arcade Redemption Hammer game

The Citrus Arcade Redemption Hammer is mainly painted with yellow, white, and green color. So, it has a very delightful looking that is considered to be very attractive to the children. In addition to the light colors, the Citrus arcade redemption hammer also has citrus patterns painted on its cabinet, some of which are made in cartoon characters. The cabinet is made of raw wood so that it is a very ecological and environment friendly product. The wood insides is well wrapped by high molecular polymer so that the surface feels very smooth and soft. Also, there will be no thorns existing to pose a potential risk that may cause an injury later. On the upper part of the machine, there is a HD monitor used to continuously play comics to add additional fun to the gameplay. The rectangular monitor is surrounded by a bunch of colorful LED lights that will create a delightful ambiance by flashing in various colors. Fruit Warrior is the most common type that is constantly presented on the screen and it is accepted as a wonderful game to play in a break time. Move your eye down from the screen, you will see the playfield where there is six holes that is separately occupied by six citruses. The six citruses feature two red ones, two yellow ones, and two green ones. These three colors respectively represent for different stages throughout the whole life of a citrus. Also, you can take it as different eye-catching points that can bring different fun. At the frontier of the machine, there is a foam hammer that is used to hit the springing-out citrus. Since the hammer is made of soft foam, it is proved to be very safe and won’t cause any injury in case the player mistakenly hit themselves. While you are busy seeking a proper time to give a punching, you will train your fast responding ability.

Like the hamster game, the citrus crusher game is also a simple game that don’t need you to torture your brain. You just need to pick up the hammer and punch the citrus fast and accurately to get a higher score.