Freelancers and video content producers, as well as marketing agencies and production companies, are springing up everywhere. Even for established companies and institutions, standing out with their portfolios and recommendations is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, customers often need more than just video production or traditional marketing services. Many companies are trying to keep up with these new challenges and are turning to offer new services.

1. Is virtual reality expensive?

Is virtual reality expensive

The interactive VR experience is a service that more and more companies are demanding, and it’s sure to make your production organization stand out. But many organizations are afraid to take a step in this direction: there is still a misconception that creating VR experiences is complex and prohibitively expensive. After all, you have to design a realistic 3d environment or spend thousands of dollars to make a 360-degree video. After that, you must add interactive elements using advanced coding, and then use more coding to develop an application with your VR experience. But that’s no longer true.

Specialist 360° content production equipment – such as stereo cameras has also become cheaper. We’ve blogged a lot about how to get started with 360-degree video production. You really should.

When it comes to coding skills required: with the introduction, creating an interactive VR experience no longer requires any programming skills. It is the most efficient, flexible and professional VR authoring tool on the market. A professional VR experience can be built, released globally, and played on all relevant VR platforms.

2.Empower your own team to create the VR experience

As mentioned earlier, anyone can create interactive VR experiences and applications without any expertise. This means that without a lot of advanced and continuing education for existing employees, you can easily add VR experiences to your portfolio. In fact, most of the time you don’t even need to hire new employees.

3.Rapid prototyping and iterative virtual reality

This also allows for really fast prototyping and VR iteration, which is impossible with traditional VR. If you have to write code before you release the entire application, the only way to prototype is to use simple tools that don’t provide a real application or VR experience at all. You have to stick with mock-ups or clicking on dummies — at the end of the day — that usually won’t convince your customers or users.

4.Maintain control over content and activities

As described earlier, this also gives you constant control over your content and activities. If you have to update your content, you can’t expect your users to update their applications every time. In many use cases, for example, corporate training, this can lead to serious problems. Moreover, If the content is integrated into VR application instead of streaming from the cloud, use cases like library applications are simply not possible because the file sizes of these experiences are so large. In particular, arcade games have more stringent content requirements.

5. Easily create pilots to promote to your customers

Usually, you have to sell your idea to your clients before they can give you the necessary budget. That’s why the platform gives you the possibility to create pilot experiences that will provide free publicity to your customers. The builder with all integrated features and the application preview experience on your local device are 100% free and do not require any credit card or payment method to download. To fully understand this workflow, check out our in-depth guide or our Youtube channel.

6. How do you start?

As a video production company or organization, you can become a formal partner. This has some additional benefits for you and your company that make it easy to get everything started: As a full partner, you will receive a discount on our license package, which will allow you to increase your profit margin with your customers (the discount is not disclosed).