In Play Cafe Academy, one of the most common questions my students and potential owners in my inbox ask me is: how to make money? So, the variant of this problem may be, what is our source of income? How do they compare with each other? Is there a “right” model that allows you to make the most money running an indoor playground or arcade?

How to running an indoor playground or arcade

My answer to my career is simple. We focus on the party. This is the source of most of our revenue, and our birthday party packages are highly profitable and high-end, so it’s a very profitable source of revenue for our business, and we’re proud of the experience we offer to all party customers.

In fact, we all know that as long as we put enough effort and time we need to build the best party package and the waiting list for months gets booked out, our business will flourish.

Do we have any other sources of income? Yes, of course. I don’t like having a lot of “dead” time in our facilities, which means I don’t like to spend a lot of time in paying insurance, utilities and rent when we don’t have income.

indoor playground income

As a result, yes, we open six days every week, and we have birthday parties on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We also have a few nights for classes or activities a week, and we have a few hours of rest in the summer, we organize group and field trips, we also sell retail, and so on. On any day, we do have about seven revenues flowing into our business.

The problem is that all of these sources of income are secondary. In fact, what I’m trying to say is that we treat a public performance as an “audition” for a party. You can’t just come to our facility and then leave without knowing that we had the best party in local area. There are pamphlets, posters, signs and our professional employees have been trained to introduce our products and book parties on the spot.

However, this is just a way to run a play cafe or indoor playground. I firmly believe that as long as you, like us, choose only one major focus and source of income, and then continue to develop in this area, you will succeed. Our goal is to be the “preferred” resource for your focus community and to allow all other income streams to become secondary so that your focus resources can shine. At the end of the article, what I want to say is, whether you are running what aspects of the business, we need to treat it seriously and take enough time and effort to do everything. In this way, we can learn more from the work, and then we need to improve constantly and perfect our management ability and the management pattern. Finally, as long as you don’t give up and keep the belief of perseverance, I believe that you will succeed in the end.