Looking for a perfect place to spend some quality time with kids is not as easy as it looks. Here are some advice and a type of indoor playground that might inspire you.

Some of the new parents might have the same feeling that keeping kids happy and safe is even more difficult and tiring than going to work. You can’t always keep them at home reading all the time, because they need to exercise and love running around the place. However outdoor activities are not always safe and suitable, especially under bad weather conditions. If that is the case, there are some indoor playground for kids to kill time in. All kinds of playgrounds and facilities are out there, here in this article we will introduce you to some of the choices.

Adventure parks

Adventure parks

There are some indoor playgrounds that provide some adventurous activities like a mini labyrinth, room escaping facilities, and rock climbing. To ensure safety, kids are separated by ages. Then you don’t have to worry that kids might get bullied by the elders or accidentally hurt the youngers. Playing around is very tiring for kids too, some of the places thoughtfully prepare refreshments, like juices and cookies or mini restaurants for kids and parents to recharge. You can also pack your own food, like going out for camping. Watch out, you might spend all day here. It would be nice to prepare in advance.

Quiet playhouse

Some kids might enjoy activities that are not so sporty, like drawing, role-playing or puzzle. Apart from slides, swings, and trampoline, some playhouse also has LEGO, toy blocks or storybooks. After kids having a great time running and jumping, they can always go to the other sector and gain some knowledge. Some of the places also prepare healthy organic foods for kids.

Nursery-like kids café

I think this may be the one that is liked by most parents because the staff will help you look after the kids and you get to enjoy me-time a little. Especially on weekends when kids are not going to kindergarten, you can simply drop kids here and go out for a date, or drink coffee and scroll your cellphone. You can even pamper yourself and make a massage appointment. Isn’t that sound appealing?

Role-play heaven

This is designed for kids who are obsessed with role-playing. These places are like a mini-city. They have “police station”, “hospital”, “supermarket”, “cinema” and so on. Kids get to be whatever they like, no matter it’s doctor, nurse, police officer or even parents. Some also have costumes to borrow and rent to make the situation more close to reality.  Since here kids are mostly interacting with other kids, a parent can, therefore, stay in the resting area, either watching their kids having fun or exchange some parenting ideas with their fellow parents. Here would be a great place not only for kids but also for parents to make friends and seeking ideas about parenting difficulties.

There are so many types of the indoor playground. No matter you want to run a kids’ center or seek a perfect place for your kids, I believe there always be suitable for you.